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Praises and Mantra Recitation for the Epidemic Repelling Buddhist Goddess Parnashavari

The goddess Parnashavari (Sanskrit) or Logyönma (lo gyon ma) in Tibetan, the so-called ‘leaf-clad Goddess’ of the aboriginal, tribal forests is renowned in Tibetan Buddhism as a resolver of epidemic diseases and fevers. She is regularly invoked to remove spiritual obstacles and promote health and longevity, and special medicinal pills which bear her name are manufactured for use against epidemic diseases, feverish conditions, and various other maladies. These pills or rilbu (ril bu) are typically consecrated by ritual specialists who recite Parnashavari’s praises and mantras and visualize her form to incite her potentizing blessings…here is one example of a prayer to Logyönma, along with mantra recitation, as sung by Tsering Donla. The Tibetan prayer of praise and mantra is included below, along with an English transliteration and translation by Ben Joffe of Sky Press. May health, healing, and happiness abound!

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