Sowa Rigpa Foundations: Announcing a New Online Course in Tibetan medicine

Sorig Institute is pleased to announce its first upcoming online training program in Tibetan medicine with internationally renowned physician, yogi, and teacher Dr. Nida Chenagtsang.

Titled ‘Sowa Rigpa: The Foundations’, this course provides a total of 108 hours of training, spanning three months from May 18th to August 7th 2020. Classes will be taught via 36 live and interactive webinars hosted by Sowa Rigpa Online, Sorig Institute’s new online platform. As the North American wing of Sorig Khang International, Sorig Institute offers a range of educational opportunities both online and in person. The Sorig Institute offers in-depth certified training in the theory and practice of Sowa Rigpa, the traditional medical system practiced throughout Tibet, the Himalayas and Central Asia, as well as continuing education workshops for healthcare providers in other fields of medical practice and shorter, introductory lectures and courses for more general audiences.

This Sowa Rigpa Foundations course will use Dr Nida’s book The Tibetan Book of Health as its textbook. Webinar classes will be structured around the various chapters and sections of the book, which offers a broad overview of the history of Sowa Rigpa and the theories, source texts, tools, and methods used by those who practice it. The Foundations course will provide students with a thorough grounding in several key areas of Sowa Rigpa, including:

– Tibetan Medical Philosophy: The Five Elements, Three Humors, Balance of Body, Energy, Mind and Causes of Imbalance.
– The Tibetan Art of Diagnosis: Observation, Urine and Pulse analysis, Questioning of Patient
– The Five Methods of Treatment: Diet, Lifestyle, Herbal Remedies, External Therapies, Spiritual Healing

The schedule for the course is as follows:


MAY 18TH – AUGUST 7TH, 2020
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

8 – 11AM | Los Angeles (PST)
10AM – 12PM | Mexico City
11AM – 2PM | New York (EST)
4 – 7PM | London/ UK
5 – 8PM | Rome/ Central Europe

To get the most out of this course it is highly recommended that students attend all webinars live. That said, should registered students have to miss a session for whatever reason, class recordings will be made available. Tp assess attendance and progress, students will be required to complete various homework assignments and monthly pass/fail quizzes. A certificate of completion will be granted by the Sorig Institute upon attendance of all modules (live or recorded) and completion of all quizzes and homework assignments.

Those who would like to join this exciting course of training must make a commitment to complete all 108 hours of training. Individual classes or modules are not open for drop-ins or auditors. A limited number of scholarships are available by application.

Dr Nida will be offering a free introduction to this course for anyone interested on MAY 11th.

For further information and to enroll in the full course please visit Sowa Rigpa Online.

REGISTRATION CLOSES MAY 17th, so be sure to act quickly to enjoy this great opportunity!

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